Sulle orme del Blasco. Vasco Rossi in 100 pagine



Thirty million copies sold in thirty-five years of career, twenty-six albums released among those in studio, live and collections, a penultimate and last place in Sanremo, three Festivalbar and a degree in Honoris Causa awarded by the University Iulm in Milan in 2005.
All this playing and singing rock in Italy.
Throughout the seasons, Vasco Rossi nicknamed by fans The Blasco and the Komandante has turned into a myth with its ups and downs, its weaknesses and stadiums sold out.

Sulle orme del Blasco, he recounts the rise, falls, arrests and generational talent of Zocca’s rocker, highlighting how, from season to season, considerations on his music have always divided intellectuals from the mass, but it is undeniable that Vita spericolata or Sally will all agree at least for the duration of the listening.


Author: Sergio d’Alesio

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