Tiziano Tamisari – 9 nodi



9 Nodi by Tiziano Tamisari, Italian singer-songwriter at his debut album, whose distinctive feature is being explicit and direct with a vein of cruelty: an acoustic spine dressed in electric.
His are the lyrics and the music of the nine tracks contained in the CD, tracks that will accompany the listener in a unique journey, intriguing and personal. A journey that will allow you to live and rework the stages of life and everyday life through the critical eye and direct language.
Tiziano was born in Milan in 1979. He discovered his passion for music at the age of thirteen thanks to his father who gave him his first guitar. With some neighborhood friends he formed a band with a repertoire of covers as in the best rock tradition. In the summer of 1998 he begins to write songs that photograph the world that surrounds him with reflections of a free spirit that lives its balance in the wind and on the waves.

1. Come Aria
2. Tu Che Sei L’Ammore
3. Capita
4. Pioggia
5. Un Giorno Migliore
6. Dolcemente Veronica
7. La Mia Solitudine
8. Vulnerabile
9. L’Abitudine

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