Un Arcobaleno di Note

Fables have always been Giovanna’s passion: she loves to read them, but above all to write them.  The day after 6 April 2009, the day after the terrible earthquake that devastated L’Aquila, he decided to contribute to the reconstruction by writing a book.  So he proposed to a group of boys, from 5 to 17 years old, to invent fairy tales that had as their theme music or a musical instrument; then he decided to keep them together in a bigger story, a sort of cloth, dedicated to the origin of vocal bands.  The fourteen tender tales of Un arcobaleno di note are therefore the result of the imagination of children and adolescents, while the cloth was written by Giovanna.  The enthusiasm, commitment and generosity of these young writers deserves all our attention and especially our contribution.  The book is completed by black and white drawings, all to color!

Franz Di Cioccio signs the preface.

Author: Giovanna Tonelli