UT New Trolls – Do Ut Des



After the success of the first CD Live in Milano and the tour in Japan in 2012, the band composed by Gianni Belleno (drums, vocals), Maurizio Salvi (keyboards and choirs), Alessandro Del Vecchio (vocals and keyboards), Claudio Cinquegrana (guitar, choirs), Anna Portalupi (guitar, bass)presents an LP of unreleased tracks.
The enveloping sound and the vocal mixture are the confirmation of the vitality of the band. The music and lyrics are signed by Gianni Belleno and Maurizio Salvi, except Can’t go on by Alessandro Del Vecchio, beautifully interpreted by Fergie Frederiksen, one of the main voices of Toto.

1. Paganini
2. Per ogni lacrima
3. La luce di Vermeer
4. Oltre il cielo
5. Rispettare può salvare
6. Do ut des
7. Sarà per noi
8. Siamo ancora qui
9. Sporca politica
10. Cant’t go on (feat. Fergie Frederiksen)

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