Vic Vergeat – Just the two of us

Just the two of us, long-awaited record return of Vic Vergeat starring the artist and his guitar. The musician, known worldwide both for his past with Toad – cult band of the 70s – and for his solo career (which saw him collaborate with the likes of Montserrat Caballet, Mel Collins and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, just to name a few), offers a double, unmissable album full of surprises.

In the first CD, there are twenty-three unreleased songs entirely composed by Vergeat himself, in the second cd instead, an exciting roundup of the songs he loves most: two amazing medley (respectively dedicated to the Beatles and the movie soundtracks) and covers of immortal evergreens like Somewhere over the rainbow, Dream a little dream of me and Tears in heaven.

The booklet of Just the two of us is enriched by a gallery of paintings by Vic himself that show another facet of his multifaceted talent.

1. One man band
2. To my kids
3. When you’re gone
4. Carmen
5. Out here on my own
6. Julia
7. The most beautiful
8. I wanna swing
9. Indian
10. Mama
11. I’m on my way
12. You will live forever
13. In the country
14. Maybe I’m still in love
15. My babe
16. Sometimes
17. I do what I do
18. Kid on the street
19. Vienna
20. I’m free
21. Let me come over
22. Sad cat bossa
23. Lullaby

1. B as in Beatles
2. Somewhere over the rainbow
3. I don’t know why
4. Dream a little dream of me
5. Vincent
6. Everybody’s talkin
7. Orpheo negro
8. Tears in heaven
9. My movies

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