Vittorio De Scalzi e Nico Di Palo – Due di Noi



The meeting between Vittorio De Scalzi and Nico Di Palo with Giorgio D’Adamo, Gianni Belleno and Mauro Chiarugi determines the birth of the New Trolls. In 1967 the Genoese group opened the Italian concerts of the Rolling Stones.  They immediately demonstrate originality by proposing romantic, psychedelic music with lyrics and particular choirs.  They are the first to combine rock and classical melodies highlighting potential and virtuosity. In 1971 they released Concerto grosso per i New Trolls with Mº Luis Bacalov. Among the band members there are disagreements and even the splits are not lacking but, thanks to Luis Bacalov, the New Trolls are recomposed and give birth to Concerto grosso 2. The group is joined by Ricky Belloni and Giorgio Usai. Aldebaran, FS, Quella carezza della sera and two albums with Ornella Vanoni and Anna Oxa. They participate in the Sanremo Festival presenting the piece by Umberto Bindi and Renato Zero Letti that will be included in the last official CD Il sale dei New Trolls. After the tragic accident that happened to Nico, there are years in which De Scalzi and Di Palo walk different roads but in 2006 they return together on the stages and in the engraving rooms. It’s the period of Seven Seasons, Concerto Grosso Trilogy Live, and then again Concerto Grosso 3 with the reunion of the entire historical core that sees once again reinvigorated the collaboration with Luis Bacalov. Today De Scalzi and Di Palo are back to the public with the new musical project Due di noi, which marks the last musical collaboration between the two artists.

1. Ritorneremo a casa
2. Rumore di fondo
3. L’equilibrio della Terra
4. L’onda che bagna lo scoglio
5. Arrendersi mai
6. La strada che porta il tuo nome
7. Alì Babà
8. Jeff Bauman
9. La battaglia che perderò
10. Interno notte
11. Radio Luxembourg

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