Vittorio De Scalzi – Gli Occhi del Mondo


Gli Occhi del Mondo is the new album by Vittorio De Scalzi, one of the founders of New Trolls.

A work that, thanks to the collaboration with Marco Ongaro, draws inspiration from the poems of Riccardo Mannerini, a poet born in Genoa known for his collaboration and friendship with Fabrizio De André.

Faber years before moved his most famous verses in singing form on the album Senza orario e senza bandiera, made by New Trolls. It’s natural, then, to look at this new project as an ideal sequel to that concept album dated 1968.

Mannerini’s eyes tell a world that the poet does not want to possess in a material sense but wants to imbue human moods, deliberately leaving a distance between his thirst for knowledge and everything else that surrounds him. His unique vision of life thus returns to life thanks to the precious musical contribution of Vittorio De Scalzi.

Twelve tracks, embellished by the extraordinary participation of Franz Di Cioccio (on drums in the song Il ritorno (version 2)) and Corrado Tedeschi (voice in the closing statement in the song La Corte, written by lawyer Guariente Guarienti).

1. Il ritorno
2. Gionata Orsielli
3. Senza una voce
4. Isabella Eggleston
5. Serial Killer
6. Tante Gocce
7. L’ultimo altare
8. La corte
9. Sera sul mare
10. Martina Di Marzo
11. 12 Pescatori
12. Gli occhi del mondo
13. Il ritorno (version 2)

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