Vittorio De Scalzi – L’attesa



After fifty years of career on stage all over the world, the leader and founder of New Trolls Vittorio De Scalzi returns with L’attesa (to be released for Fermentivivi/Aereostella), an album of unpublished eclectic and multiform entirely composed, arranged, interpreted and played by him.

Anticipated by the single Come acqua chiara, L’attesa  è composto da dieci tracce che attraversano stili e mood differenti: dall’intimo brano di apertura che dà il titolo all’album si passa dal country-folk di Squali alle volute incertezze della rarefatta Non si può, from the hypnotic atmosphere of Giorni di Vento to the carnal suggestions of Una Parola, passing through the overwhelming refrain of Come acqua chiara or the delicate tribute Pino, a poignant blues dedicated to the unforgettable Pino Daniele. This project also addresses delicate topics such as the existence of a higher deity as in Anima senza padroni or themes specific to the blues as in Ordinary Pain and in You were trusting me, songs sung in English.

1. L’attesa
2. Squali
3. Ordinary pain
4. Giorni di vento
5. Una parola
6. Come acqua chiara
7. Non si può
8. Pino
9. You were trusting me
10. Anima senza padroni

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