Vittorio De Scalzi – Mandilli

Mandilli is the name of the new album by Vittorio De Scalzi, founder and author of New Trolls, which contains the stories that Vittorio collected in his travels to Liguria.
Mandilli like handkerchiefs found in a trunk rummaging through the old things of an attic: every handkerchief a story, every story a song.
Vincenzo and his inexplicable silence, the bum who no longer remembers his name, the boy who is left alone… These and other mandilli are the stories that Vittorio has found going around the countries of his land, “countries of which I do not like to reveal the name, also because most of these are inside me”.

1. Vincenso
2. Gente De Liguria
3. Barbon
4. Aia De Respia
5. Stagiuin (Intro)
6. Stagiuin
7. Centomila Navi
8. Drentu De Ti
9. Toe Drue
10. L’aegua In To Morta’