Zero e i suoi multipli. Renato Zero in 100 pagine

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Renato Zero has been active on the art scene for fifty years. From collar of Rita Peacock to absolute mattatore. He tried, with stubbornness and determination, success. His fans – the rats as he calls them fondly – love him.

The book tells, analyzing all the record production, the evolution of an artist always consistent with himself. Glamorous, extravagant, whimsical, transgressive, provocative, capable, imaginative with a certain taste for circus and Fellinian atmospheres.
The title of the volume emphasizes how “Renatissimo” is a catalyst of energy. In mathematics each number multiplied by zero gives zero result. Everything that has come into contact with Renato becomes exponential creativity, that is, Zero.

He has always taken great care of the voice and sounds but also of the look, choreography, how to go on stage. True Roman, great affabulatore, histrionic with a predilection for the popular and genuine Urbe.

He sings about marginalization, love, life.
Renato Zero is an original artist, out of the ordinary canons. He deserves Zero and praise for his passion, tenacity and extraordinary talent that led him to be one of the great protagonists of Italian music.

Authors: Gaetano Menna – Monica Menna

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