Stefano Ferrio

Stefano Ferrio, graduated in modern letters at the University of Padua, began his career as a journalist working for Il Giornale di Vicenza e Il Gazzettino. He has also worked for various publications such as L’Unità, Diario, Panorama, Il Giornale, Il Sole 24 Ore Nordest, Libera. He is currently involved in communication for the City of Vicenza. He wrote with Antonio Stefani Calcio a due, published by Galla in 1999. In the same year he won the competition Gialloestate with the story Il naso, published in the series Mondadori Yellow. In 2004 he wrote the thriller Il profumo del diavolo,, published by Marsilio. He is a professor of radio and television history at the Dams in Padua. He has been on stage since 1971 and is currently the narrator of the Paltan Blues Band. In addition to Cristina, her children, family and friends, she loves Vicenza Calcio.

Published Books:
26-08-2010 – Impressioni di Settembre