Stereokimono was born in Bologna in 1995. Since its debut, the band stands out for its distance from encoded genres. The ability to create sound atmospheres with an extraordinary freedom of expression not subject to any canon, immediately leads them to develop a refined repertoire with strong emotional involvement. 
The debut of Rock Psicofonico Obliquo (as they like to ironically define their music) is dated 2000 with the CD entitled Kì, an album that immediately projects them in the new musical scene at the center of the public interest. As confirmation of this debut, in the same year, the band won the fifth edition of the national music competition Stratosferica named after the memory of Demetrio Stratos.
Prismosfera, the second album of the Bolognese trio, highlights the artistic maturity confirming that freedom of research, a guarantee of continuity of their unmistakable style. 
The CD inaugurates the Immaginifica label, the new recording project dedicated to the area of evolutionary music and progressive rock, conceived and directed by Franz Di Cioccio.
Prismosfera contains seven instrumental compositions, plus a ghost track, all to discover and rediscover with every listening. Each piece represents a sort of journey in its own right, placed within the emotional sphere of the listener. The booklet that accompanies the album, with a decidedly contrary packaging, contains surreal images and short comments that accompany each song, to better immerse yourself in the imaginative flow of music. 
Alex Vittorio (bass, keyboards) Cristina Atzori (drums, percussion) and Antonio Severi (guitar, midi guitar, keyboards) are the musicians who make up Stereokimono, making it one of the most representative bands in the sound research of the current Italian music scene.