Cristiano Turato – La festa



La festa is an album composed of ten unreleased songs in which the singer relives the most important moments of his life analyzing the choices made over the years, without denying anything.

«In the passages we read the will to expose my fragility, the questions and doubts of an intense life, lived immediately in the streets, in the courtyards of the churches and in the bars of the country: from here The feast – declares Cristiano Turato – I had the pretense of repainting my soul, revealing it of its own certainties, finding some ironic cue to tease old poses, shattered in the course of my life».

Written and produced by Cristiano Turato himself together with Alberto Roveroni and Francesco Pisana (who boasts collaborations with artists such as Lucio Dalla, Fiorella Mannoia, Dolcenera, Elio and Storie Tese) for the executive production of La festa, The album makes use of the important collaborations of Carlo Kaneba (for the monologue in Sicilian present in the song La festa), Max Greco, Daniel Bestonzo and Francesco Pisana.
La Festa was recorded and mixed by Alberto Roveroni at Le Park-Milano and mastered by Pietro Caramelli at the Energy Mastering and Lepark-Milano studios.

1. Atlantide
2. Legno
3. La Festa
4. 2019
5. Ho una cosa da raccontarti
6. Vado a Cercare acqua su Marte
7. Settembre
8. Gringo
9. Luce
10. Follia


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