Da Caracalla a Villa Pamphilij il prog a Roma sull’onda di Woodstock



An authentic, pervasive revolution daily crossed Italy between 1965 and 1972 and the key to everything, the watchword that opened doors never imagined and just as much slammed in the face, more than politics was music. It is not by chance that we were talking about ferment: not simple contestation but an authentic forge of creativity and culture. The young people, not homologated and not aligned, were looking for experiences and spaces always new to share.Woodstock entered with great energy in the cellars that, more and more numerous, flooded Rome with music. A hitherto unthinkable vitality leads to the formation and rebirth of many musical groups. It was then that rock, gregorian, baroque music meet. The rock opera (Tommy of the Who in the USA; Orfeo n° 9 by Tito Schipa Jr. in Italy) became as important an event as the opera and the stage of the Baths of Caracalla spread with energy the notes of the nascent progressive music. The demand for musical spaces became an imperative and someone began to dream big, to look across the ocean, beyond the sunset of the largest Roman park, only a few years open to the public. In 1972 at Villa Pamphili a dream made with a few pennies and a lot of music became reality.

Author: Anna Bisceglie

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