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Gilson Silveira played with the best Brazilian musicians, then landed in Europe where he collaborated for a long time with artists such as Miguel Bosé, the Spanish “Carrà” Ana Torroja and many Italians, to become the most famous Brazilian percussion teacher in our country.Today, after two solo albums, he released his first DVD: A boy from Ipoema..

The DVD embraces several aspects of Silveira’s music: the opening is in trio with the magnificent Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic and Genoese bassist Luciano Susto, filmed in the beautiful setting of the auditorium of Santa Cecilia in Perugia. The trio is at the same time sweet and powerful, acoustic and aggressive, with the percussion sliding on the melodies designed by a guitar virtuoso.

It changes the scenery and Silveira is playing in a corner of Laigueglia, the town of the Ligurian coast that hosts every year Percfest, the most frequented European percussion festival. In the middle of the crowd, a combo of only percussion played as if it were classical music, alternating dreamy melodies to moments of samba, like the wild song M.A.R., dedicated to the producer Mario A. Riggio, in which follow the solos of Ellade Bandini (famous ibatterista of De André, Mina and others), the percussionist of Billy Cobham, Marco Fadda, and the specialist of African percussion Lorenzo Gasperoni. Then the group moves into the sea, right inside the water, to mix the sound of waves with that of metal percussions, gongs and cymbals, in a crescendo of suggestion.

Two short chapters are also devoted to teaching.A first part explains how to play some Brazilian rhythms on a set of drums and percussion. The second part is dedicated to the study of the pandeiro, the traditional Brazilian frame drum, an instrument in which Gilson is a master and from which he manages to bring out the sounds of an orchestra. Even the didactic part is turned on the sea, in Mulinetti, just in front of the promontory of Portofino, in a landscape of pastel colors.

The extra content is very rich, and contain duets with artists such as percussionist and singer Alessandra Belloni, voted by American magazines as one of the most important ethnic artists in the world, the fantastic singer Barbara Casini, drummers Luca Capitani, Enzo Zirilli and Ellade Bandini, the Brazilian percussionist Vina Lacerda, the Argentine Luis Casih and the Italian Dado Sezzi.

Published in three languages – English, Italian and Portuguese – A boy from Ipoema., for quality of artistic and technical content, is a DVD dedicated to an international audience.

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