Periferia Del Mondo – Perif3ria Del Mondo



Perif3ria Del Mondo is the record with which the Roman band of the same name, after fifteen years of live activity, starts from scratch.

Without the contribution of the many guests who had characterized the two previous works, the Suburbs of the World enhance their stylistic strengths by building a manifesto of the personality of the band with an album produced by Immaginifica (by Aereostella)Franz Di Cioccio’s label, and distributed by EDEL.
Emerge, from listening, the versatility of expression, the heterogeneity of the songs (which touch different genres such as rock, jazz, prog, ethnic music and song form) and the choice of lyrics that investigate the reality that surrounds us daily.

1. Periferia Del Mondo
2. Oceani
3. Suite Mediterranea
4. Chiaroscuro
5. Come un gabbiano
6. Alghe
7. Synaesthesia
8. Angeli Infranti
9. Cartolina per il Giappone
10. Piove sul mare

Bonus Track (Previously Unreleased): Funkats

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian

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