PFM – in Classic da Mozart a Celebration (2CD)



Comes out PFM in Classic da Mozart a Celebration, double CD collection, hymn to music as absolute joy when you listen to it from different points of view and without prejudices.
After five thousand concerts and thanks to a great experience all over the world, PFM feels the need and the desire to return to its great mother, to embrace Classical music again and to find the musical balance between band and orchestra in the respect of mutual differences.
The execution of the songs of this new disc makes use of the reduction of the original score, with insertions created ad hoc by PFM, for a transversal and experimental reading of the song written by the great composers and innervated by new arrangements proposed by the band.
The meeting ranges on the sonic and stylistic plane with the empathy between classical and electric, in a musical synthesis free from conditioning. The arrangements do not follow a fixed pattern. PFM relied on the imaginative power of the original writing of the piece, integrating it with its own contemporary vision.The choice of works by such different authors (Mozart, Verdi, Saint Saens, Prokofiev, Rossini, Dvorak, etc.) allowed them to work on a wide range of expressive possibilities, to use more popular languages with spaces dominated by the orchestra and the instrumental escapes of PFM, but with many moments together.
The turning point for the project came near Roncole di Busseto, with the execution of Verdi’s Ouverture of Nabucco with a string quartet.
That reinterpretation, rich in shades of blues, ignited the enthusiasm of the Verdi audience so much so that, after the performance, wanted to hear it immediately a second time.The PFM project and orchestra, united in a sound interweaving without barriers, is an experiment that encourages the encounter between generations and allows you to enjoy the embrace of two distinct worlds but not distant.

1. Il Flauto Magico – Overture (Including Trazom, Deoama)
2. Danza Macabra (Including Passegiata Di Fantasmi)
3. Danza Slava N.° 1 (Including I Monti Slavi, Il Monte Pief)
4. Sinfonia N.° 5 In Adagietto (Including Adagietto, Adagio Elettrico)
5. Romeo E Giulietta – Danza Dei Cavalieri (Including Il Potere Dell’amore, Gli Amanti Di Verona)
6. La Grande Pasqua Russa (Including Danza Della Pasqua)
7. Nabucco – Overture (Including Donosor B.)

1. La Luna Nuova
2. Promenade The Puzzle
3. Dove…Quando
4. Maestro Della Voce
5. Impressioni Di Settembre
6. Suite Italiana
a) Sinfonia Nº 4 – Italiana
b) Celebration
c) La Danza

7. Guglielmo Tell – Ouverture Bonus Track (Live)

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