The dark side of the moon viaggio nell’identità dei Pink Floyd



This book is a tribute to the fortieth anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) and an analysis of the events that have marked the history of Pink Floyd starting from the social contextof the late sixties to move to frame the artistic and cultural turn of the band during its work and the dazzling, as unexpected, global success.

The album is retraced, track after track, to understand how the journey of identity narrated in music is also what the band does, perhaps in its maximum effort as a whole. After all, 1973 seems to be the beginning of the end of Pink Floyd: the uncertain situation that the band will live after The Dark Side Of The Moon, in which the individual and egotistical dimension will be useful to Roger Waters to seek answers to his intimate dilemmas, rather than functional to the personal and professional growth of the band.Until the “final cut” wanted by Waters, in vain attempt to put an end to the history of Pink Floyd. But it will not be so and the band, deconstructed and recomposed under the gentle guidance of David Gilmour, will continue its journey, until the search for a form of personal reconciliation expressed in the last studio album released in 1994, The Division Bell.

Author: Marco Bracci

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