Antonio Oleari – Renzo Stefanel

Antonio Oleari:
Writer, fake journalist, radio host. He writes for the monthly Jam and Il Mucchio. For years, rock music routes that arise in the past and flow into the present, in the radio container Prog Generator (Radio Cantù). Per Aereostella published in 2008 Un viaggio lungo 40 anni. Senza orario senza bandiera, dedicated to the album that brought together Fabrizio De André, Riccardo Mannerini and New Trolls.
In 2009, instead, Demetrio Stratos – gioia e rivoluzione di una voce e nel 2010 Destinazione Isola di Wight and in 2010 Destination Isle of Wight, his first novel. In 2010 he was awarded the MEI – Quaderni rock prize dedicated to the encounter between music and literature. In the same year, on the occasion of the one hundred and fifty years of the Unification of Italy, he was called to present the figure of Luigi Tenco at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. After the double CD of Jesus Christ Superstar and a best of Deep Purple, it was the third PFM album on which he decided to invest his pocket money. But not all doughnuts come out with the hole: it was Per un amico

Renzo Stefanel:
After renouncing to become a rock star, since 1997 she has written about music, shows and books on Il Gazzettino, since 2001 on, since 2004 on and Duemila. In the same year he collaborated as co-author on four episodes of Eventi pop on Rai Due. He published Ma c’è qualcosa che non scordo. Lucio Battisti. Gli anni con Mogol (Arcana, 2007) e Anima latina (No Reply, 2009). In his youth he consumed the collection of the PFM, First Impressions, released for the glorious necklace Linea Tre of the RCA. The other albums of his life are 4 way street by CSNY, I feel love by Donna Summer, Heroes by David Bowie, God save the Queen by Sex Pistols, Meat is murder by Smiths and Screamadelica by Primal Scream.

Published books:
25-10-2012 – Storia di un minuto. Il primo disco di PFM
27-05-2010 – Destinazione Isola di Wight
09-07-2009 – Demetrio Stratos. Gioia e rivoluzione di una voce
06-11-2008 – Un viaggio lungo 40 anni. Senza orario senza bandiera

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