Francesco Schianchi

Graduated in contemporary history, he has been teaching and consulting for public and private companies for many years in the area of project culture, negotiation, business communication and innovative management. On these issues he has published several books and hundreds of articles: recently The Mediterranean management (Archipelago 2012). He taught at the IULM in Milan, at the MIP of the Polytechnic, at the Academy of Communication, at the School of Economics and Finance in Rome, at the European Institute of Design, of which he was director of the Rome office. He currently teaches at the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano and at the School of Public Administration of Villa Umbra (Perugia). In 2010 he designed LUDUM, the first kindergarten of creativity and Mediterranean in Milan, of which he is cultural director. He is scientific director of EDUNA, an online training company on Italian design and fashion.

Published Books:
09-01-2014 – Libro Lambro. I festival giovanili, sogni e utopie di ieri per oggi

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