Il fotografo del secondo piano. Isotta una gatta in giallo

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Adopted by the gatekeepers of a Milanese condominium, the cat Isolde spends her time observing the habits of humans, on which she would have much to complain. Quiet life, his, between cuddles and witty reflections. Until the quiet of the building is upset by a mysterious crime.
On a night of thunder, Isolde comes across the semi-open door of a gay photographer’s apartment. He enters, and is in front of the poor man on the ground, his head smashed. And what does he do? Instinctively licks the blood, but so goodbye footprints…
The police will have their hands full, and they will do it under the watchful eye of this special cat, always ready for an ironic comment, a wise consideration, a decisive gesture.

An intriguing story, tender and full of twists, a yellow to read in one breath or to listen to the beautiful voices of Elena Di Cioccio and Ninni Bruschetta.

Author: Armanda Capeder

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