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One was born from the desire of Luca Zabbini to propose a music different from the usual one, to find its own identity unrelated to the Barock Project and progressive music.  His compositions range from folk to brit rock, to swing or orchestra, and are not always right for the Barock Project.The latter, placed in a drawer, were taken during the first lockdown and recorded. Thus was born One, an album in which music and melody are protagonists and whose songs were also written with acoustic guitar and packaged exclusively for the voice of Luca.

Zabbini played all the instruments, he was in charge of recording, mixing and mastering, the only exception being the lyrics that Antonio De Sarno and Giorgio Franceschetti worked on, which once again helped to make it a finished product. There is folk, pop, symphonic… there are many genres and maybe this is the real progressive, but if by Prog means the one written for the Barock Project, that’s not there.


1. What’s Left Of Me 
2. Everything Changes
3. Hello
4. Taking Time
5. Portrait
6. Constantine Cry
7. The Mood Of The Day
8. No One There 
9. Karlsruhe Rain
10. Help Me To Sleep
11. I Don’t Know 

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