Il pensiero positivo di Lorenzo. Jovanotti in 100 pagine



The energy of optimism: this is the key to the musical career of Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti.
Head, body, heart, dream, vitality, dynamism, Nature, brotherhood, love. The bass that pumps, but also sophisticated sounds, the dance. The rap becomes refined pop, the instinctiveness that has always been the characteristic trait for a character who debuted as a disc-jockey, entertainer, charmer. With the ability to engage. Beloved artist, his fan page on facebook has over 2 million followers.

The book deepens and tells the singer through his studio records, the recording works, the tours, the collaborations, the lyrics.
Every Lorenzo album has a story of its own; and yet, if you put them all in a row, if you insert the flash drive into your PC with the backup of a career, you realize that, after all, it is tirelessly on the move.
He sold over 7 million records.

He had already understood everything when he recorded that first single in 1987, Walking. Camminando… and he made a lot of road.

Authors: Gaetano Menna – Monica Menna

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