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“I don’t like to repeat myself and above all I try in some way to avoid to remain faithful to what is called prog. I am looking for a different way of communicating in an attempt to excite those who listen to my music. In my playlist for example there is absolutely nothing progressive, except for Steven Wilson, one of the few maybe that I think go beyond the genre in a wise and stimulating way. I would feel guilty if I had to continue making music that recalls the records of the seventies, using those modulations, those sounds, those atmospheres. For me it would be very “regressive”.”

It’s a very important statement by Luca Zabbini, very useful to present the Barock Project and the brand new Seven Seas record. Barock Project, one of the most popular and appreciated Italian bands abroad, since the first album have shown not to be a progressive band like all the others: while loving the genre, while listening to it with attention and constant curiosity, have always wanted to break the fences between the various musical currents to pursue the dream of a free, updated, fresh and dynamic music. Seven Seas proves it.

Published by Immaginifica/Aereostella (distr.Self/digital Pirames International)


1. Seven Seas
2. I Call Your Name
3. Ashes
4. Cold Fog
5. A Mirror Trick
6. Hamburg
7. Brain Damage
8. Chemnitz Girl
9. I Should Have Learned to
10. Moving on
11. The Ones

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