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Aerostation is a power trio without guitars, plays a modern rock and current, powerful and evocative, sung in English, where they blend alternative rock, crossover prog, hard rock, electronic and pop. The sound is typically rock, Anglo-Saxon and cosmopolitan. The idea of this project was born in autumn 2015, while Gigi Cavalli Cocchi had just concluded the experience of Campovolo 3 with Ligabue in front of one hundred and five thousand people and Alex Carpani was finishing in Milan the recordings and mixing of his latest album So Close. So Far, the album of the artistic breakthrough. Both musicians already had the head projected forward, towards new projects and experiences.At the end of 2016 Alex and Gigi decided to be a duo, with the collaboration of Jacopo Rossi on bass. The meeting with the manager and record producer Iaia De Capitani (Aerostella, D&D Concerti, management of PFM) gave the necessary impetus for the release of the album, which bears as its title the name of the band, and to make this new project known to the Italian and international public. From April to September 2018 Aerostation presented in Italy and abroad (France, Canada) some live premieres of the album, even before its release, receiving many acclaim from the public and insiders.

1. Voices
2. Wide eyes and wonder
3. Straight to the Sun
4. Fourteen days of lightness
5. Coldness
6. Long distances
7. The Arrow
8. The ghost bride
9. From day to night
10. One billion steps
11. Kepler-186F

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