Blacksmith Tales – The Dark Presence



A concept album that describes a journey, narrated through symbols and images from ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages.  The journey of a soul in search of the inner light, of its own self, to do so must face its darkest part, descend into the depths of its mind and heart, overcome the obstacles it finds on the way to the light and then face a new journey, a new life.

This is The Dark Presence, the first project of Blacksmith Tales, born from the creative mind of David Del Fabro and realized thanks to the precious help of Luca Zanon.

“The roots of the Blacksmith Tales project were born in the 90s when I had already written on the piano the basics of almost all the pieces that make up the concept and most of the texts inspired by the numerous readings of that period,” says David Del Fabro.  For some time the musician played in cover bands of Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Gentle Giant… and at the same time began to try the songs of what will become the album The Dark Presence.
After years of inactivity, the stimulus to permanently fix and record the songs comes with paternity.
Luca Zanon, asked for a possible collaboration, immediately shows enthusiasm and involves some super musicians with whom he works.
It immediately creates a surprising harmony with everyone, the same harmony that is perceived in listening to the album: the project Blacksmith Tales was born!
The name is one of the puns so dear to David, but invented by Luca, who plays with his surname, Del Fabro: fabbro in Italian means, in fact, blacksmith.

Central in the story are the two short acoustic tracks: Interlude in which the protagonist recognizes his self and relies on it and Last Hero’s Crusade in which the soul can find its way to the stars…

The band members are: Michele Guaitoli and Beatrice Demori (voice), Stefano Debiaso (drum), Denis Canciani (bass), Marco Falanga (electric and acoustic guitar), Luca Zanon (keyboards and flutes), David Del Fabro (choirs, piano, keyboards and duduk).


1. The Dark Presence
2. Golgotha
3. Let Me Die
4. Rain…of Course!
5. Into the Sea (Apocatastasis)
6. Interlude
7. Tides From a Faraway Shore
8. The Dark Presence Revelation
9. A new Sunrise
10. Chapter LXIV
11. Possessed by Time
12. Last hero’s Crusade
13. Book of Coming Forth by Day


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