PFM – A Ghost



A Ghost is the fourth appointment of the series Il Suono del Tempo, the exceptional live collection of the first five historical records of PFM. The album proposes atmospheres that characterized the musical themes of the album of the international debut of PFM. The superb lyrics of Pete Sinfield, poet of King Crimson, and the evocative arrangements illuminate the most vivid example of Italian progressive, able to appear in the charts of Billboard. A Ghost revives the original set list including the UK version of Celebration and the instrumental Old Rain, born at the time directly in the studio and never performed live before.

1. Rain Birth
2. River Of Life
3. Celebration
4. Photos Of Ghosts
5. Old Rain
6. Il Banchetto
7. Mr 9 Till 5 (Generale)
8. Promenade The Puzzle

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian

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