Questo piccolo grande viaggiatore. Claudio Baglioni in 100 pagine

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From “maglietta fina” to “tamburi lontani”. From “passerotto” to “grande mago”. From “amore bello” to “male di me”. From “lungo Tevere che andava lento lento” to “umanità tormentata sulle coste di Lampedusa”. The song by Claudio Baglioni is a mirror in continuous evolution, an observatory on the maturation of feelings, from the youthful impulses of love that explode, live and temper the contradictions of a man put in front of himself, to memory, to painful inner journeys.

The song Baglioniana is a journey into life, a path initiated by a personal reading become universal, able to unite all of us and our stories.

Questo piccolo grande viaggiatore is not a biography of Baglioni but a guide to his work: storyteller, architect, philanthropist, experimenter traditionalist, navigator of the dream. “It’s a song and even this will never change life”: yet with the small great art of the song, Claudio accompanied the journey and stories of millions of listeners.

Author: Donato Zoppo

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