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Ridatemilenuvole is the debut album of Simona Barbieri Mckenzie: little witch singer-songwriter, art director and music therapist.

From Scottish origin, she has been singing and writing songs since she was very young. Her father’s work forces her family to move constantly to different foreign countries: a constant enrichment that leads her to speak four foreign languages (English, Spanish, French and Norwegian) and to have only one constant: the seven notes. Her musical research brought her to Oslo, where she collaborated with local artists, studied at the University and composed songs inspired by the light of the North. For some years he has been working with producers and record studios for the realization of jingle advertising and pop/dance/trance songs for the foreign market. He recently collaborated with Fabri Fibra dueting with him on the song In alto included in the album Controcultura.

From its unique history, Ridatemilenuvole is born: eleven pop songs, with Celtic-folk influences plus a touch of electronics, in a dreamy atmosphere, intimate and ethereal.Composed in two languages, the album has space for eight tracks in English, two in Italian and a poignant instrumental composition entitled Cosmos.

Through strong metaphors, Simona now becomes a kite in the opening song Escape, now leaf in Floating Leaf to paint his vision of life, a poster outlined also in Colouring (also proposed in the Italian version Colorare il cielo) where we talk about dreams and a world to color in two.Love, in fact, is the other main theme of this debut, as in the intense bilingual duet All’ultimo momento, played with rapper Danti of Two Fingerz, or in the beautiful Stormy Weather, Febbraio ’43, On my hands and You R. Deserves to be mentioned apart finally, May Mary Malone’s dark tale: an engaging ballad steeped in magic and mysticism.

A unique and engaging debut by an artist, Simona Barbieri Mckkenzie, with feet well planted in Italy but the heart lost between the cliffs of overseas and the winds of the North.

1. Escape
2. May Mary Malone
3. Colouring
4. Floating leaf
5. On my hands
6. You “R”
7. Stormy weather
8. All’ultimo momento feat. Danti Two Fingerz
9. Febbraio ’43
10. Cosmos
11. Colorare il cielo (bonus track) versione italiana di Colouring

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian

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