GIORGIO GABER … io mi chiamo G e sono ancora qui…

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Preface by Marco Travaglio

January 25th is the anniversary of Gaber’s birth, and his thought is still incredibly relevant! To remember him, this book was born that wants to underline and highlight, through the photographic shots of Reinhold Kohl, excerpts of the texts he wrote with Sandro Luporini. Kohl and Gaber met in 1981. The discovery of both being of the sign of Aquarius and Libertarians meant that there was immediate harmony between them. The professional relationship was soon added to the friendly one. Gaber asked Reinhold to fix his most vivid and intense expressions on stage with the camera lens. He gave him an exclusive interview, the first after about a year and a half of silence with the press after the fierce attacks on his Io se fossi DioGiorgio himself transcribed it with his portable Olivetti. Unpublished for many years, it is now published with Gaber’s own notes, underlinings and corrections.

Author: Reinhold Kohl

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