Museo Rosenbach – Barbarica



The title of the new work of the Museo Rosenbach evokes dramatic scenarios, dominated by an instinctive violence that makes any civilization regress to the primitive state of barbarism.
With Barbarica, the band tells a disoriented world, unable to grow in harmony with nature, torn by the demon of war.
In the suite that opens the album, entitled Il respiro del pianeta, men, aware of the environmental damage they have caused, look for signs in Nature that give hope for the survival of the planet. And the Earth responds with the vitality and love of a great mother: “There are horizons for our future!”
However, life is still full of uncertainties, morally polluted by fanaticism, by the hatred among the peoples who struggle with each other and are dispersed in a continuous flight from pain.
The four songs that complete the album paint a fresco that expresses, with a rough sound, this unhealthy barbaric temptation to solve the problems of the global village, with the destruction of the opponent.

1. Il Respiro Del Pianeta
2. La Coda Del Diavolo
3. Abbandonati
4. Fiore Di Vendetta
5. Il Re Del Circo

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